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Our Purpose

The Middleton Gazette is the Middleton Idaho newspaper that focuses on the Middleton Idaho 83644 zip code area.  The Star Courier is the Star Idaho newspaper that focuses on the 83669 zip code area.  Each monthly newspaper has the purpose of providing a venue for public officials, local groups, and residents to share news, events, and information of importance or interest to the Middleton, Idaho and/or the Star, Idaho areas and to give local businesses a cost-effective and affordable option for reaching local consumers.  We are solely advertiser supported and are locally owned and operated.  We firmly believe in neighbors helping neighbors and in shop local!  Do you have a good local, Star or Middleton focused story, information, or news you would like to share or would you like to advertise with us? Contact us today!

Publication Schedule

Our publications are monthly.  The deadline is the 15th of each month for the next month's issue.  Our publications go out in the mail to the public about the 1st of each month.  We appreciate early submissions!


The Middleton Gazette is delivered via USPS Every Door Direct Mail to 6,400+ homes and businesses, covering the ENTIRE Middleton, Idaho 83644 zip code every month. The Star Courier is delivered via USPS Every Door Direct Mail to 7,500+ homes and businesses, covering the ENTIRE Star, Idaho  83669 zip code every month.  Double your ad views… advertise in both publications!  Contact us today and we'll help you get started!

How We Benefit Advertisers

Our proven distribution method:  The Middleton Gazette and The Star Courier are solely advertiser supported and hence high distribution... our distribution is not limited to those who pay for a subscription.  This is a huge benefit to the advertiser because it greatly increases ad views… almost everyone within the zip code area (83644 or 83669) receives a free copy of our publication in their mailbox every month!  Advertising in our publications is a great way to increase your local consumer base.  The Star Courier is a relatively new publication, however the Middleton Gazette has had good results with this simple distribution method for over 30 years.
We are typically much more affordable than direct mail.  Direct mail is expensive due to postage and printing costs.  However, a business can advertise with us for a long time for the cost of sending one small postcard to all of the people we mail to each month.  How?  It's because costs are shared with other advertisers so each advertiser pays much less.  Our publications typically go to many of the same people a postcard would go to. 

Our newspapers stay "in hand":  We are more tangible than internet advertising which is quickly forgotten amid information overload.  Many readers keep their monthly copy of our publication and use it as a guide for local events... and advertiser goods and services.  You want your business to be listed in this "directory" so readers can find you when they need your product or service!
There is nothing more local than a community newspaper!  Let's face it... Star and Middleton are small towns surrounded by larger towns with more business offerings.  Social media may reach huge audiences far and wide, but unless your business is especially unique, potential consumers in the larger cities are more likely to seek a similar business that is closer to them.  Also, there are many potential consumers in the Star/Middleton area who prefer to call upon Middleton/Star area businesses if they know about them.  However, many locals do not regularly use social media and hence are not reached.  Or messages get lost amid the information overload and greater advertiser competition found on social media.  Instead of calling or visiting your local business, these consumers end up taking the earnings you need to a business in a larger town.  We reach a huge audience of in-zip-code consumers directly through their mailbox every month which gives businesses another way to reach local consumers.  We are a terrific complement and alternative to social media... we help keep local business local! 


We help advertisers develop trust.  Those who advertise with us support our community by helping provide a local venue for everyone in the community to enjoy... and our readers know it!  Community newspaper advertising tends to develop trust in local brands among local consumers and can help establish a business as the "local expert".  It also demonstrates to readers a business' interest in their community.      
Our ad prices are very competitive with other local print media in realistic "apples to apples" ad measurement comparisons and we have sizes available for almost every budget. We are a very cost effective solution for advertisers because we reach MULTIPLE TIMES more in-zip-code people for the price than local "free take one" print publications.  Most of your ad dollars with us go directly toward distribution (postage and copy production)... getting you far more ad views.  You actually get what you pay for!  "Free take ones" are typically low distribution... few copies are printed and they have little or no postage expense.  That is often why they "cost less".  We are a great value!  

Contact us today!  We're happy to answer any questions you may have and help you get started.

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